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Comfortable Portable Computing: The Ergonomic Equation

New White Paper Addresses the Ergonomic Challenges Posed by Notebooks, Laptops and Tablet PCs

ST. PAUL, MN February 18, 2008

Advances in technology have enabled notebook manufacturers to turn out high-performance laptops that provide greater storage, better screens and longer run times—all at a cost that competes with traditional desktop computers. These attributes make portable computers extremely well-suited to the fast-paced lifestyle of the global economy, which explains why notebook sales have reached an all-time high. While experts predict a steady increase in notebook sales through the end of 2010, consumers often don’t consider the compromises in comfort that are made when using such a computer. Based on academic research and years of manufacturing experience, Ergotron has published a white paper, Comfortable Portable Computing: The Ergonomic Equation, aimed at providing valuable, easy-to-use guidelines to help people achieve comfortable, more productive portable computing.

Using a portable computer improperly can increase one’s risk of future health problems from neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. “The purpose of the white paper is to educate people on the risks associated with portable computing, and to let them know that they don’t have to jeopardize their health and well-being when using a portable,” explained Pete Segar, Senior Vice President of Engineering and CTO of Ergotron. By applying basic principles set forth Ergotron’s “Ergonomic Equation,” anyone can achieve comfortable computing.

The Ergonomic Equation consists of three simple considerations: Neutral Posture, Voluntary Motion and Restorative Time.

First, one must consider Neutral Posture, which is the position the human body assumes naturally and comfortably. It expends the smallest amount of energy and results in the least amount of bodily stress and related fatigue.

The second consideration is Voluntary Motion, which works in conjunction with neutral posture toward maintaining a body in balance with itself and its surroundings. It refers to movements the body makes naturally to prevent strain and fatigue.

Finally, Restorative Time balances stressful activities with restorative activities. These could include a variety of actions, such as a walk to the water fountain, or deep-breathing exercises practiced periodically throughout the day.

Addressing these three factors in a holistic way relieves fatigue and increases efficiency. “We take a unique approach in our understanding of the science of ergonomics in that it all starts with the body,” continued Dr. Segar. “Our interpretation of ergonomics is reflected in the human-centered design of our products. Elevating a notebook and using a separate keyboard and mouse will optimize computing comfort, and as a result people will achieve greater productivity.”

Ergotron offers a range of products that address the concerns of notebook computing. The award-winning Neo-Flex™ Notebook Lift Stand, for example, integrates a lift-and-tilt mechanism that enables a user to bring the screen to eye-level for true ergonomic viewing. Combining the stand with an external keyboard and mouse will optimize any computing experience.

Make a simple evaluation of any workspace with Ergotron’s WorkSpace Assessment Tool. The brief questionnaire will evaluate the basic ergonomic layout of a seated computer workstation to help optimize desktop computing.

See Ergotron’s breadth of products that promote wellness and productivity at www.ergotron.com. While there, view a complete portfolio of white papers published by Ergotron.

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About Ergotron

Founded in 1982 by VESA FDMI standard author and visionary Harry Sweere, Ergotron’s products have been improving the human interface with digital displays for over 25 years. Our history of innovation and passion for differentiation is evidenced in over 35 patents and our growing portfolio of beautifully designed mounting products for computer monitors, notebooks, and large flat panel displays and T.V.s that are as easy to use as they are to mount.

Constant Force lift and pivot motion technology in wall and desk mount arms, stands, mobile carts, pivots and vertical lifts require less effort to achieve more motion, improving the user’s experience when viewing any digital display for work or entertainment. Ergotron is a global company, with sales efforts headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Amersfoort, the Netherlands, and Singapore. For more information on Ergotron or our products, please visit Ergotron.com or call Ergotron sales at 800.888.8458.

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