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Producten > LearnFit · TeachWell

LearnFit™ Adjustable Standing Desk

Transform classrooms into active learning environments with on-demand adjustable student desks. With the simple use of a hand lever, students can change the height of their desktops so that they can w...

LearnFit™ Adjustable Standing Desk SKU: 24-458-200

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TeachWell® Mobile Digital Workspace

This compact A/V hub consolidates all your technology tools onto a single mobile classroom cart: laptop or LCD/CPU, keyboard and mouse, portable document camera, projection device and more. Un-tether ...

TeachWell® Mobile Digital Workspace SKU: 24-220-055

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TeachWell® MDW Laptop Kit

Adapts your TeachWell Mobile Digital Workspace to hold a laptop computer in the best possible position for space savings and improved ergonomic performance.

TeachWell® MDW Laptop Kit SKU: 97-585

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TeachWell® MDW LCD Kit and CPU Holder

Adapts your TeachWell Mobile Digital Workspace to hold an LCD monitor with CPU or an all-in-one (AIO) system.

TeachWell® MDW LCD Kit and CPU Holder SKU: 97-586

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TeachWell® MDW Projector Shelf

This secure and sturdy shelf provides a convenient location to mount a projector to the TeachWell Mobile Digital Workspace.

TeachWell® MDW Projector Shelf SKU: 97-598-055

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