Preventive Maintenance, One Visit: 10+ StyleView carts

Ergotron’s preventive maintenance service offers a comprehensive evaluation of your StyleView Cart inventory, including a 34-point cart inspection, a nine-point power system inspection and, if available, a review of the StyleLink Software data. A detailed service report on all evaluated carts will be provided following inspection.

Preventive Maintenance, One Visit: 10+ StyleView carts

Part Number: SRVCE-PMPNO-01


Maximize cart life and achieve optimum cart conditioning, reducing total cost of ownership

Simple upkeep optimizes cart performance

Extend cart life by maintaining condition of carts

Increase operational efficiency—minimize downtime

Augment caregiver productivity and workflow

Tech Specs
Part Number: SRVCE-PMPNO-01
Description: Preventive Maintenance for 10 or more StyleView carts
Ten cart minimum, price is per cart, one visit
All services conducted by a trained and certified service provider. Service work performed during standard local business hours, Monday through Friday excluding Holidays. After-hours service available—please contact Ergotron for details
One on-site visit
Detailed inspection of entire cart—upper cart, lower cart and power system—including adjustment of all counterbalance mechanisms
Analysis of StyleLink installation: StyleLink files downloaded by Ergotron during visit, analyzed and recommendations for future best practices reported back to the customer within 3 business days
Preventive maintenance checklist used to evaluate entire cart
Comprehensive evaluation of cart inventory, including a three-step process: Step one - upper cart inspection; Step two - lower cart inspection; Step three - power system inspection
Service report on cart at completion of the maintenance visit, which documents service on each cart for your asset management
Follow up: contact to ensure satisfaction
Thirty-day warranty, starts on final day of service site visit
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