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Custom Solutions for HP by Ergotron

Support for HP Mounting Products

Custom Solutions for HP by Ergotron

HP and Ergotron have teamed together for true innovation in display mounting technology. Check below for technical support resources related to your solution to help you enhance your workspace.

Productivity Payback Calculator

Payback Calculator

See how quickly an enhanced workspace pays for itself

The costs associated with ergonomic items like display and keyboard mounts are often cited as a barrier to purchase. But the reality is comfortable computing is a good economic investment. The same goes for using multiple displays while you work. By using two displays instead of one, toggling back and forth between documents is eliminated, decreasing the time it takes to complete each task. Studies show productivity increases when working in an ergonomic space or using multiple displays.

Calculate payback for your scenario

In the calculator below, replace the default values with numbers that reflect your situation, and then click calculate. Note: Do not enter commas, decimals, spaces or other characters; enter only numbers.

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