Disposal of Electrical Equipment

WEEEThe European Union has enacted the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (2002/96/EC), requiring that manufacturers and distributors of electronic equipment are responsible for managing the collection and further handling (including recycling) of their products. All affected Ergotron products have been marked with the WEEE marking (shown here), in accordance with European Standard EN 50419.

Ergotron has registered with the appropriate governmental organizations in those countries (the Netherlands, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom) where we have a legal entity in Europe. In countries where we do not have a legal presence, Ergotron has contracted with its distributors to fulfill its WEEE registration obligations. Due to the long product life and business-to-business nature of Ergotron’s distribution network, Ergotron has chosen to join collective schemes to simplify the collection and recycling of waste products.

Although Europe has pioneered the legislation for the proper disposal of WEEE, there are several other regions throughout the world that are implementing similar requirements. Ergotron closely follows the status of international take-back legislation, in order to be prepared to serve its business and household customers more effectively.

Ergotron WEEE EU Take-Back Policy

Overview for EU customers

The WEEE Directive requires that manufacturers and distributors manage and finance the collection and subsequent treatment, recycling, and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Ergotron falls under the business to business (B2B) requirements of the directive, and has registered as a producer in those countries where we have legal presence.

The Directive divides WEEE into two categories – New WEEE, which refers to products placed on the market after 13 Aug 2005, and Historic WEEE, which are products placed on the market before 13 Aug 2005. Though Ergotron’s obligation to handle Historic WEEE is limited by the EU Directive, we have chosen to handle both New and Historic WEEE in the same manner.

Affected Items

Ergotron’s powered StyleView carts (and their accessories) and powered charging products fall under WEEE take-back requirements. Ergotron is not responsible for the collection and recycling of the customer-furnished computer equipment installed on products. Customers are to remove and properly dispose of all batteries before arranging for collection of WEEE.

WEEE Take-Back Procedure in EU

In order to be able to maintain competitive pricing, Ergotron has decided to share the costs of WEEE treatment with our customers. For customers in the EU, Ergotron will pay for the treatment and recycling of the WEEE, as well as reporting of waste data to the responsible government organization. The customer/end user is responsible for the cost of transportation to Ergotron’s appointed recycler, WEEECare. Under EU law, the transporter of the non-hazardous WEEE must be licensed waste carriers. Please contact Ergotron Customer Service (+44 08707 560280 or +31 334545600) for recycling directions. If you need further assistance you may contact Ergotron at weee@ergotron.com.