RecyclingErgotron practices a very aggressive reclamation program. Scrap products are disassembled for re-use or sorted for the most efficient recycling possible. In the same way, general debris—from wood-pallet pieces to shrink wrap—is also sorted for recycling to greatly reduce landfill waste generated by our facility.

The use of recycled materials is encouraged in the manufacturing of Ergotron products wherever appropriate. Our assemblies are made primarily of metals and plastics, both of which offer good opportunities for the use of pre- and post- consumer recycled materials. Additionally, Ergotron promotes the correct recycling of our products.

Ergotron Receives Communitas Award

Communitas Award

In the category of Excellence in Corporate Responsibility, Green Initiatives, Ergotron was honored by the 2010 Communitas Awards for its exceptional recycling program: roughly 90% of potential waste at the company’s US headquarters/manufacturing facility gets recycled. Moving forward, we strive to achieve even more aggressive goals for waste reduction.