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White Papers

Standing Up for Wellness in the Workplace

Physical inactivity and sedentary behavior can impact our health negatively. Simple interventions, like adopting a sit-stand workstation for computer work and increasing non-exercise activity, can mitigate the harmful effects of sitting disease.

Ergonomic Rx for Digital Radiology: Computers in Healthcare

Increasingly, computer screens are integral to every aspect of patient care. The overall benefits to patient care rise, so too does the risk to healthcare professionals who work at a computer.

Patientricity and the Triangle of Care

Creating a patient-centered environment must be done with sensitivity to the needs of the patient and medical staff alike. When both parties’ needs are satisfied the effect is called Patientricity

Comfortable Portable Computing: The Ergonomic Equation

Laptops are extremely well-suited to the fast-paced global economy, but buyers often don’t consider the compromises in comfort that they can pose. This paper provides easy guidelines for achieving ergonomic portable computing.

Design of an Ergonomically Correct Desk Stand for Flat Panel Monitors

With CF technology, Ergotron provides flat panel monitor users low-cost, ergonomically correct, adjustable mounting solutions addressing the full range of users, from children to adults.

Optimum Neutral Posture

An analysis of optimum neutral posture for the seated worker and the importance of good ergonomics in maintaining health.

Ergonomics Data and Mounting Heights

Ergonomics data reference tables for proper workstation set-up and installation.


All the Right Moves: Ergonomic principles keep work & health under control

The use of computers as diagnostic tools produces long-range implications. As overall benefits to patient care rise, so too does the risk to healthcare professionals who work for extended periods of time in front of a computer. From RT image magazine

PCs Making the Rounds: E-records save time, money & mistakes

How some hospitals are moving from paper to digital records, the effect it has on caregivers and patients, and the implications for healthcare. From Newsday