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StyleView SV43/44 Firmware Updates

This page provides a download of the SV43/44 firmware update as well as detailed instructions for updating your Ergotron StyleView SV43/44 Cart’s firmware.

This firmware release includes support for these double drawer accessories:

This firmware release provides these additional features and fixes:

  • A new configuration option that causes all drawers to unlock when any user PIN has been entered. The “drawer open” alarm still sounds. (When the Pharmacy PIN has been entered, the “drawer open” alarm is disabled.)
  • Removes the requirement to select a drawer to open when there is only one drawer installed.
  • The “alarm mute” setting is no longer reset when the drawer controller loses power.

Firmware Download

Software download requires Microsoft Windows XP or later along with .NET Framework 4.

Warning:  Installing this firmware update will reset your cart
to its default factory settings.
  • The Master PIN, all User PINs*, the Pharmacy PIN, and “alarm mute” setting will be reset to factory defaults.
  • Any custom settings that have been applied to the cart will need to be reprogrammed.

* If your PINs are deployed through StyleLink Enterprise, User PINs should not need to be reprogrammed.

Download FirmwareTool_v1.0.zipView Installation Instructions
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