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Sales Literature

Download sales literature below. Documents are in PDF format.

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Title Link Notes
Catalog, English PDF Ergotron’s most popular products. English-language edition
Catalogue, français PDF Les produits phares d’Ergotron. Edition en français
Catálogo, español PDF Los productos más populares de Ergotron. Edición en español
Katalog, Deutsch PDF Die populärsten Produkte von Ergotron. Version auf Deutsch
Catalogo, italiano PDF Selezione dei prodotti Ergotron. Edizione in italiano
产品目录,中文‡ PDF 亚洲、环太平洋国家、澳大利亚和中国产品目录。中文版本
カタログ, 日本語 PDF アジア、環太平洋地域、オーストラリアおよび中国で販売されているエルゴトロン製品一覧。 英語バージョン

Flyers & Brochures
Title Link Notes
Office Furniture Booklet PDF Sit less. Stand more. That’s the message. WorkFit are the products.
The Adjustable Office PDF For the office environment, a complete selection of products that can adjust to your needs, for better productivity, comfort and health.
LX Sit-Stand Desk Mount Combinations PDF Sit. Stand. Repeat. Combine existing product into exceptionally flexible sit-to-stand monitor and keyboard systems.
Charging Systems from Ergotron PDF Charge. Sync. Secure. Ergotron offers a full line of products to manage tablets, laptops and hand-held devices.
Tablet Management: Ergotron for iPad PDF Market flyer: Wherever iPad devices are used, Ergotron tablet management products are the solution
Ergotron Solutions for Apple PDF We’re no stranger to Mac. See solutions recommended for Apple products, from iPad to iMac to Thunderbolt
StyleView for Healthcare PDF Everywhere point of care: StyleView products for healthcare
StyleView Telehealth Carts PDF Market flyer: Ergotron’s solutions expand healthcare access through telepresence and telemedicine, enabling remote delivery of specialized care
Bust the myths! Select true ergonomics PDF What are the requirements of a truly ergonomic point-of-care cart?
The WorkFit Family of Products PDF The platform for wellness and productivity. See all the products in the family
Empowering Smart Learning PDF See Ergotron products that are ideally suited to classrooms and education environments
Industrial Top Products PDF See Ergotron products that are ideally suited to industrial, manufacturing and distribution applications
Office Top Products PDF See Ergotron products that are ideally suited to office applications
Financial Top Products PDF See Ergotron products that are ideally suited to financial applications
Digital Signage Top Products PDF See Ergotron products that are ideally suited to Digital Signage applications
Multi-Monitor Products PDF Learn the value of multi-monitor configurations; see Ergotron’s multi-monitor solutions
Neo-Flex MMC for Education PDF The Neo-Flex Mobile Media Center is a flexible and cost-effective solution for educational institutions
Neo-Flex MMC for Hospitality PDF The Neo-Flex Mobile Media Center meets the needs of the hospitality industry
True Ergonomics PDF An ergonomic mounting system will allow you to adjust your monitor and keyboard in the following five positions
Ergonomics Primer PDF Learn the simple 3-part ergonomic equation; get tips for healthy computing
Cart cleaning guide PDF Cleaning recommendations for Ergotron carts
Ergotron Service Level Commitment PDF Ergotron is committed to providing exceptional service and support on all of our products as defined in our warranty statement
Tips & Tricks for the Sit-Stand User PDF Tips, Considerations and Guidelines to make the most of the sit-stand experience.

Title Link Notes
Orderguide PDF Complete reference guide for ordering Ergotron products (rev. 11/10)

White Papers
Title Link Notes
Safety Certification for Charging Systems PDF Charging systems are not created equal. There is a tendency to assume that all are safe, but this is not always true. It is important to choose products that are safety certified as complete and integrated systems.
Standing Up for Wellness in the Workplace PDF Simple interventions, like adopting a sit-stand workstation for computer work and increasing non-exercise activity, can mitigate the harmful effects of sitting disease.
Ergonomic Rx for Digital Radiology PDF Computer screens are integral to patient care. As overall benefits to patients rise, so too do the risks to healthcare professionals who work at computers.
Patientricity and the Triangle of Care PDF A patient-centered environment must be sensitive to the needs of patient and medical staff alike. When both are satisfied, the effect is called Patientricity.
Ergotron LiFe Battery Technology PDF Ergotron introduces a new battery technology after several years of development; LiFe, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4). This paper describes the technology, the reasons Ergotron has selected it, and how it has been made safe.
Comfortable Portable Computing PDF Laptops are well-suited to fast-paced global business but users often don’t consider the ergonomic compromises they pose. This paper’s Ergonomic Equation provides guidelines for computing comfort.
Designing an Ergonomically Correct LCD Desk Stand PDF Factors to consider when designing an ergonomic flat panel mounting solution, which should accommodate the full range of users, from children to adults.
Ergonomics Data and Mounting Heights PDF Reference table with egonomics data for proper workstation set-up and installation.

Case Studies
Title Language Notes
Ergotron's Workstation on Wheels (WOW) Case Study English MaineGeneral Health regional hospital reports on the benefits of WOWs
Tablet Management Cart Case Study 日本語 Tablet Management Cart in the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japanese)
Healthcare Case Study 日本語 Mobile point of CARE in the Kurume university hospital

Archive – out-of-date literature and obsolete products
Title Link Notes
Flat Panel Solutions PDF Obsolete: Product info & part numbers for LCD, keyboard and laptop mounting systems
Orderguide PDF Obsolete: Complete reference guide for ordering Ergotron products (rev. 09/10)
Neo-Flex LCD Stand PDF Obsolete: Telescoping version, see 870-05-067 for new version
Product Sheet
300 Series
PDF Obsolete: Mounting for LCDs or keyboards to all surfaces
HD Pivots PDF Obsolete: Low-profile HD Pivot for single large displays that require froward/back tilt and left/right pan.
LAN Organizer 3000
PDF Obsolete: Product info & part numbers for LAN racks
PDF Obsolete: Product info & part numbers for Ergotron TechStation
Product Sheet
PDF Obsolete: A workbench designed for electronic work instruction
Product Sheet
PDF Obsolete: An easy & efficient system for organizing & routing cables
CRT Arms
PDF Obsolete: Product info & part numbers for CRT Monitor Arms
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LCD Monitor, ≤24" Multiple Displays Notebook Large Display, >24"

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