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Advantage Program

Terms & Conditions

  • Upon verification of minimum requirements, initial account registration is valid for 30 days
  • To extend account registration period to 180 days, engage with an Ergotron Territory Account Manager or order an Ergotron seed unit. This will extend the protected period to 180 days. Otherwise, the initial 30-day registration period expires
  • An Advantage discount off of distributor cost will be granted for any verified Advantage registrations resulting in an Ergotron deal (no order minimum) within the 30-day or 180-day registration window. This Advantage discount remains in place for 12 months from first customer PO date, and applies to any subsequent Ergotron orders to that account
  • Advantage discount is stackable with other end user and reseller specific pricing previously set at distribution, except for Group Purchasing Organization pricingor as stated on the bid letter
  • By submitting this registration, if Advantage is approved, the information provided is sent to all Ergotron distribution partners in order to initiate the program.
  • One complimentary WorkFit-S unit is provided in addition to any Advantage seed unit placement, except in the case of a WorkFit-S placement (in which a second WorkFit-S unit will not be provided)
  • Program subject to change without notification