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LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

Durable polished aluminum construction! Tested to perform 10 times the expected life-cycle of other competitive brands at roughly half the price.

LX Desk Mount LCD Arm Part Number: 45-241-026

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Neo-Flex® LCD Arm

This Arm adds flexibility to your LCD. Simply push the side button while lifting the display, then position it where you want it. Get ergonomic comfort for a great price.

Neo-Flex® LCD Arm Part Number: 45-174-300

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Neo-Flex® LCD Stand

Instantly set the height of your LCD for a more comfortable computing experience. With fingertip effort, raise or lower your LCD 5" (13 cm), pan left/right, tilt forward/back and rotate your screen fo...

Neo-Flex® LCD Stand Part Number: 33-310-060

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WorkFit-S, Single LD Sit-Stand Workstation

Transform any surface into a personalized height-adjustable desk. Get affordable ergonomics!

WorkFit-S, Single LD <span class="nobr">Sit-Stand Workstation</span> Part Number: 33-342-200

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