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Five-Year Warranty: Charging Systems, USB-power Tablet Management Carts

Extend the standard warranty on any Tablet Management Cart that uses USB to power devices. Cover all components for 60 months. Extra coverage guarantees the power module and all electrical components.

Available for purchase within 1 year of hardware purchase.

Five-Year Warranty: Charging Systems, USB-power Tablet Management Carts
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Part Number: SRVC-DM5YR-TMC


Guaranteed Ergotron certified parts

Access to Ergotron Customer and Technical Support for all product related issues

Post warranty product protection

Mitigate risk

Longer life of equipment and components

Increased equipment availability and reliability

Tech Specs
Part Number: SRVC-DM5YR-TMC
Description: Five-Year Warranty for Charging Systems, Table Management Carts for USB-powered Devices
All services conducted by a trained and certified service provider. Service work performed during standard local business hours, Monday through Friday excluding Holidays. After-hours service available—please contact Ergotron for details
Service Includes:
Access to Ergotron Customer Support
Ergotron Certified Parts
Mechanical Coverage
Power Module Coverage
Support Material
Table with available Ergotron downloads
Service Program List & Matrix English     pdf 114 KB
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