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Equipment Audit and Health Assessment - Add-on

Get an onsite audit of your facility to provide an accurate asset inventory of deployed Ergotron equipment. A certified service consultant can save you money by accurately determining which units have remaining useful life or are in need of repair or replacement.

If additional days are required to complete assessment; for up to 100 units or one extra day onsite. Purchase of SRVC-AUDIT is required.

Equipment Audit and Health Assessment - Add-on
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Accurate count of deployed Ergotron equipment

Asset inventory for accurate tracking of deployed equipment including location of device within customer facility

Save money for asset replacement projects by accurately being able to determine which units have remaining useful life, are in need repair and/or replacement

Accurately budget for service program to maintain Ergotron products at a high level of performance

Tech Specs
Description: Equipment Audit and Health Assessment - Add-on one day onsite or 100 units
Can be purchased if additional days are required to complete an assessment. Each SRVC-AUDIT-SUB SKU purchased represents an audit and health assessment for up to 100 units or one extra day onsite. Purchase of SRCV-AUDIT is required
All services conducted by a trained and certified service provider. Service work performed during standard local business hours, Monday through Friday excluding Holidays. After-hours service available—please contact Ergotron for details
Audit Deliverables
Master Spreadsheet provided with the following information for each unit audited:
Ergotron Model
Ergotron Serial Number (serial number will be provided if unit is not serialized from the factory)
Location of unit within facility (building, department & room)
Health check to ensure proper functioning, set up and adjustment of the unit
If multiple facilities (locations) are involved in the audit, a separate worksheet for each facility will be provided within the Master Spreadsheet
Customer Responsibilities
Provide approximate number and type of Ergotron units within facilities
Provide primary contact for the overall audit project (full name, phone number & email)
Provide facility personnel, familiar with the installed Ergotron equipment, to act as an escort and to assist in the location of Ergotron equipment to be audited
Support Material
Table with available Ergotron downloads
Service Program List & Matrix English     pdf 114 KB
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