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SLA-to-LiFe Power System Conversion for SV42 Carts

Convert your existing SLA-battery-technology SV42 cart to Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe) power. This conversion service is done on site, using a Certified Ergotron Service Technician.

Price is per cart, 10 cart minimum.

SLA-to-LiFe Power System Conversion for SV42 Carts
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Part Number: SRVC-LiFeC-SV42


Includes a new 150W Power Module, 40 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe) Battery, User Interface, Battery Cable Harness, New Base Cover and recycling of SLA components

Very Lightweight: Replacing SLA-based power with a new LiFe system enables a weight reduction of more than 30 lbs / 13.6 kg. This significantly improves maneuverability of the cart

Fast Recharge: LiFe can recharge from a full discharge in 2.0–2.5 hours vs. 6–8 hours for comparable SLA battery

Long Runtimes: A LiFe battery can be discharged to zero without battery degradation. This provides a runtime that is slightly longer than Ergotron’s 66 Ah SLA system, which should not be fully discharged

Longer Battery Cycle Life: The LiFe battery is expected to last more than 3000 cycles, which offers a lifetime of 3 years or more, vs. a few hundred cycles for an SLA battery

Tech Specs
Part Number: SRVC-LiFeC-SV42
Description: SLA-to-LiFe Power System Conversion Service for SV42 EMR Carts
Ten-cart minimum, price is per cart
Applicable only to Ergotron SV42 EMR Carts
Service procedure
SLA power system components are uninstalled
Removal of the TUV certification label, as the cart on longer qualifies for cart level certification. However, the 150 W Power Module and LiFe Battery are both UL Certified
Any customer hardware that needs to be moved or removed will be re-installed
Install the new LiFe power system components
Re-cable as required
Re-serialize the cart
Power up and verify function of the newly converted integrated cart
Remove and recycle all SLA power system components
Thirty- (30) day service warranty for the on-site conversion
New 150W Power Module warranty is two (2) years from installation
Five- (5) year warranty against Manufacturer’s Defects on Ergotron installed LiFe batteries. Ergotron installed LiFe Batteries are covered at 100% for the first three years; coverage for the final two years is prorated (refer to Further Exclusions and Limitations section of the Ergotron Warranty on website)
Performance warranty for the Ergotron installed LiFe Batteries is two- (2) years or 1200 cycles, whichever comes first (refer to Further Exclusions and Limitations section)
One- (1) year warranty on all service-installed electronic, non-power-supply components (excludes AA batteries)
All services conducted by a trained and certified service provider. Service work performed during standard local business hours, Monday through Friday excluding Holidays. After-hours service available—please contact Ergotron for details
Support Material
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Service Program List & Matrix English     pdf 114 KB
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