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Cord Kit for Tablet Desktop Module, EU

This kit is required for all Tablet Management Modules sold in Europe with CEE 7 power requirements. It adapts the module for use with a country’s specific power standard.

Cord Kit for Tablet Desktop Module, EU
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SKU: 97-624


Easy to install

Certified and tested

Technische specificaties
Part Numbers: EU = 97-624; UK/HK/SG = 97-623; AU/NZ = 97-622; CN = 97-621; JP = 97-625
Description: Cord Kit for Tablet Management Desktop Modules
This kit is REQUIRED for all Tablet Management Desktop Modules sold outside North America
Shipping Dimensions: 203 x 165 x 127 mm
Shipping Weight: 1.4 kg
Warranty: Two (2) years
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LCD Monitor, ≤24" Multiple Displays Notebook Large Display, >24"

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