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Integration & Preventive Maintenance, 3-Year: 10–99 StyleView powered carts

Maintain your operational efficiencies with Ergotron’s service package. The bundle combines the benefits of cart integration with preventive maintenance to maximize your cart deployment.

Price is per cart, 10 cart minimum.

Integration & Preventive Maintenance, 3-Year: 10–99 StyleView powered carts
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Safeguard operational efficiencies and minimize downtime

Save time and money utilizing a network of certified professionals

Eliminate potential problems and avoid unplanned costs due to improper installation

Resolve potential problems in a timely manner

Ready to roll at time of deployment

Free-up valuable resources to focus on your business

No need for on-site staff expert

Ensures easier installation of StyleLink Enterprise software, if the basic client version is already installed

Maximize cart life and achieve optimum cart conditioning, reducing total cost of ownership

Simple upkeep optimizes cart performance

Extend cart life by maintaining condition of carts

Technische specificaties
Part Number: SRVCE-AP-03A
Description: Service Bundle of Integration and Preventive Maintenance for 10–99 StyleView powered carts
Ten cart minimum, price is per cart, 36-month duration
All services conducted by a trained and certified service provider. Service work performed during standard local business hours, Monday through Friday excluding Holidays. After-hours service available—please contact Ergotron for details
Preventive maintenance check
Set-up and configuration of carts
Tailor configurations to user’s specific hardware
Unpack carts, monitors, CPUs, laptops, keyboards, mice, etc.
Prepare carts for hardware installation
Install hardware (carts, monitors, CPUs, laptops, keyboards, mice, etc.)
Adjust all cart movements (counterbalance per weight of hardware)
Route and organize cabling
Install the StyleLink Basic Client Version, upon request. This ensures an easier installation of Enterprise Software
Analysis of StyleLink installation: Review of StyleLink files 30 to 45 days after install to make recommendations for best practices. Recommendations made within 3 business days of receiving files
Preventive maintenance checklist used to evaluate entire cart
Service report on all carts evaluated at completion of each maintenance visit, which documents service on each cart for your asset management
Proactive notification regarding next service visit
Follow up: contact to ensure satisfaction after completion of each visit
Thirty-day warranty, starts on final day of service site visit
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Service Program List & Matrix English     pdf 216 KB
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