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Get real-time results with Ergotron mounts

Getting more done has never been easier—or more comfortable. Our human-centered designs place displays exactly where they’re needed. Ergotron’s ergonomic solutions create healthy computing environments to complement workflow efficiency.

Ergonomic Payback Calculator

Productivity gains through ergonomics

Ergonomics research over the past 20 years has consistently shown that workstations adjusted to fit the user can result in productivity increases of up to roughly 20%. The need for ergonomically adjustable components becomes even more pronounced when several people share a space. To maximize productivity, ergonomics should be part of the equation.

Calculate the ROI with the Ergonomic Payback Calculator.

Payback Calculator

Multi-Display Payback Calculator

Time is money! With an Ergotron dual-monitor mount, toggling back and forth between documents and applications is reduced or eliminated. Use our Payback Calculator to estimate how long it will take to pay for a multi-display investment.

Multi-display equation

Multiple screens outperform a single monitor

Productivity Benefit % Increase Usability Benefit % Increase
Fewer errors 33% Easier task tracking 45%
Faster edits 16% Faster performance 32%
Quicker access to tasks 6% More comfortable 24%
Neo-Flex Combo StandThe above statistics reflect increases in a dual-monitor, word-processing application. Depending on the application and configuration, increases can range between 5% and 100%.
Source: NEC Display Solutions, University of Utah and ATI Technologies, Productivity and Multi-Screen Displays (PDF), October 2003
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