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Sit Less. Stand More.

Better health with standing desks

Office workers across the U.S. are sitting almost all day, which contributes to an excessively sedentary lifestyle.

The answer: Break up your sitting time by standing and moving around a bit.

More and more, schools and businesses are understanding the benefits of adapting to a sit-stand environment.

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WorkFit Testimonials
Americans sit all day at work
Americans Hate Sitting
How Sedentary is the
Typical American Each Day?
Sedentary21 Hours
Active3 Hours
WorkFit-A Motion Range

Our arm-based solutions offer a range of motion that allows you to swing your computer into position when you need it, or out of the way when you don't.

A New Perspective

Everyone is unique and every space is different, however, integrating a sit-stand environment is easier than you think.

Whether you are upgrading an existing space or designing for a new build, Ergotron offers a full range of innovative affordable sit-stand workstations that are easy to install and use.

Take It Personally

If you’re thinking about creating a healthier workspace, you may find the tools below to be a helpful resource toward assessing your situation and quantifying some of the benefits of standing.

Join the Uprising

Ergotron has influenced healthy computing for over three decades, using scientific research as a basis. We’ve collaborated with global thought leaders and a community of “standers” in order to raise awareness and reduce sedentary behavior.

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