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Office • Overview

Adjustable workstations for wellness & productivity

  • Healthy – Create Ergonomic Workspaces
  • Productive – Move Any Screen Where It’s Needed
  • Affordable – Realize Measureable ROI

Stand Up Desks

WorkFit sit-stand workstations let you stand or sit as you work, which encourages healthy movement throughout the day.

Payback Calculator

See how quickly an ergonomic workstation pays for itself. Just enter numbers that reflect your situation and then click calculate.

Explore WorkFit

An in-depth look at our Standing Desk solutions. These unique tools provide an interactive way to explore each feature.

Office Brochure

Traditional offices have a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but our mounts and adjustable desks adapt each space to the individual worker.

  1. Products
  2. Services

Products for the Adjustable Office

Stand Up Desks

Move from sitting to standing whenever you want. Patented technology allows instantaneous height adjustment.

  • Several options available to fit your workspace
  • Simultaneously lift keyboard and monitor to proper height
  • Flexible designs are scalable for future computer equipment

Monitor Arms, LCD Stands & Laptop Mounts

Comfortable computing solutions adapt to the user, placing a monitor, laptop or tablet where it is needed.

  • Easy and instantaneous screen and keyboard adjustment
  • Universal designs adapt to changing technologies
  • Quality tested for best-in-class durability

Support Services

Customer focused, certified quality, complete coverage

Save time with Ergotron’s expert installation and maintenance for our mounting, mobility products and workstations. Contact us for immediate technical support or for details about service options.

Protect your investment...

  • Expert technical assistance
  • Annual contracts & planned services
  • A network of certified technicians
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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Complete service

Installation • Set-up • Maintenance

  • Product upgrades
  • Wiring & cabling
  • On-site workstation integration
  • Adjustment, repairs & parts replacement
  • Remote software system analysis
  • Fleet deployments & maintenance
  • Computer hardware set-up
  • Next business-day service
  • Life-cycle management
  • Product recycling

Promotional Units for the Office

We’re confident that office customers will love working in an Ergotron-enhanced space! Try it yourself. Large corporate facilities can qualify for complimentary units. Contact an Ergotron representative for more information about minimum requirements, eligible products and program details.

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