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Empowering smart learning

Today’s schools rely on useful technologies to meet the demands of teachers and their multi-linked students. Ergotron’s broad portfolio of products can be an essential part of this new learning environment, supporting the technology platform while promoting a healthier, active classroom.

LearnFit™ for the Active Classroom

LearnFit adds physical activity to the day, so it can be an integral part of a school environment designed to improve health and academic outcomes.

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Smart mounting, mobility and management solutions for the entire school. Move through areas of the campus to see real world solutions.

Smart Technology for Schools

Ergotron charging carts and storage cabinets allow you to sync, charge and store iPad devices, Chromebooks, laptops and tablets.

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See an in-depth comparison of carts and cabinets for iPad, Chromebooks, tablets and laptops. Find the solution that’s right for your campus.

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Ergotron’s broad portfolio of products can be an essential part of the technology platform that supports dynamic learning environments.

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Management & Mobility Products for Schools

Charging Carts & Storage Cabinets

Sync, charge and store iPad, Chromebooks, laptops and tablets while providing secure access to devices.

  • Space-saving, open-architecture designs
  • Built-in syncing capability
  • Safe! Full UL certification

Adjustable Desks

Transform classrooms into active learning environments with on-demand adjustable desks for students, teachers and staff.

  • Standing desks offer health and academic benefits
  • Instant height adjustment for ages 9 through adult
  • Promotes collaboration; complements 1:1 device initiatives

Classroom Carts

Flexible mobile solutions for delivering presentations and informational content anywhere on campus.

  • Consolidate essential teaching tools on a single platform
  • Easy adjustment to working height of teacher or students
  • Versatile kiosks for digital signage

AV Mounts

Solutions to place digital information wherever it is needed—for the individual or the audience.

  • Desk - Easy and instantaneous screen adjustment
  • Wall - Space-saving, adaptable technologies
  • Ceiling - Project attention-grabbing graphics

Support Services

Customer focused, certified quality, complete coverage

Save time with Ergotron’s expert installation and maintenance for our mounting, mobility products and workstations. Contact us for immediate technical support or for details about service options.

Protect your investment...

  • Expert technical assistance
  • Annual contracts & planned services
  • A network of certified technicians
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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Complete service

Installation • Set-up • Maintenance

  • Product upgrades
  • Wiring & cabling
  • On-site workstation integration
  • Adjustment, repairs & parts replacement
  • Remote software system analysis
  • Fleet deployments & maintenance
  • Computer hardware set-up
  • Next business-day service
  • Life-cycle management
  • Product recycling

Adjustable student desks used at Belle Terre Elementary School

Standing Desks in the Classroom

Belle Terre Elementary School of the Flagler County School District in Florida established a goal to increase student achievement by providing healthy, collaborative learning environments. To that end, they created a classroom they call RISE to introduce 360°-classroom instruction. However, children were hampered by their traditional sitting desks, having to crane their necks or turn their chairs to learn at a new wall.

To address this issue, in spring of 2014 the school outfitted this classroom of 25 fourth-graders with LearnFit™ Standing Desks, which allowed changing collaborative configurations as well as healthy physical movement throughout the day.

Teachers, students & parents observed improvements…

  • Effortless reconfiguration of the classroom brought new dimensions to teaching style and curriculum. Students move quickly to form various formations without wasting precious lesson time.
  • Maintaining student attention during instruction was no longer a challenge. The adjustability and mobility of desks addressed students inclination to move (a.k.a. fidget) during instruction in a natural yet nondisruptive way.
  • Students reported being more attentive and alert if standing. A more positive attitude was expressed towards year-end standardized tests.
Classroom Dynamics
Parent & Teacher Impressions

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Infographic: Why Classroom Movement Gets an A+