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Paying FitForward from the workplace to classroom

Ergotron sit-stand workstations are putting computer workers around the world on a trajectory toward improved wellness and productivity. Now we’re bringing those same life-changing benefits to future generations with our FitForward program. Download the FitForward Flyer.

About FitForward

Every Ergotron WorkFit® or ErgotronHome™ Lift35 product purchase changes lives!

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Promoting Healthy Classrooms

Your purchase helps provide classrooms with complimentary LearnFit® student desks. Now students can easily experience the benefits of moving more. Together, we can give our children the benefits of active learning, decrease their sitting time, and put them on a path to a lifetime of wellness.

LearnFit Classroom
LearnFit Classroom
Studies show that low-level physical activity has a positive impact on students:
Student Health
Reduced risk of obesity with more opportunity for movement
Increased heart rate maintains insulin effectiveness
Classroom Engagement
Enhanced attention to lessons with more on-task behavior
Increased blood circulation and oxygenation leads to alert students
Academic Performance
Improved scores on standardized tests and faster thinking skills
Sustained healthy metabolism leads to better focus

What portion of the sale goes towards a LearnFit?

As WorkFit sales grow, we will correspondingly grow our donations. Strong WorkFit sales have opened up the opportunity for Ergotron to donate over $1M in LearnFits to classrooms since 2014. We look forward to donating even more in the years to come to support active learning environments.

How are schools chosen? Can my child’s school receive product?

The program is meant to benefit kids all across North America. The schools and classrooms are chosen at the discretion of Ergotron, through a variety of partnerships and giving programs.

Can I see where the donations go and how often they are made?

Ergotron donates products throughout the year and will regularly update this page with new photos and donations made to classrooms.

Can I tell other people about it?

Yes Please! Ergotron puts many resources behind making the FitForward program a success, but advertising isn’t one of them. We would love your help telling stories of improved wellness in the office... and now the classroom!

Classroom Spotlight Case Study

Spotlight Classrooms

Watch interviews of teachers, students and administrators who are using LearnFit. These case studies describe the positive difference that standing and movement have made in real classrooms. Watch video interviews!

CNN: School adds standing desks

School adds standing desks to classrooms

Published by CNN on Dec 9, 2015: An Alexandria, Virginia, school adds standing desks to its middle school classrooms to improve students&rsquo focus and increase their physical activity. Watch the video!

LearnFit for the Active Classroom

LearnFit for the Active Classroom

See how LearnFit adjustable standing desks encourage a natural way for students to interact and collaborate in today’s schools. Watch the video!

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Infographic: Why Classroom Movement Gets an A+