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New Study: Children Reduce Sitting Time with Sit-to-Stand Desks

Findings from pilot studies in the United Kingdom and Australian primary schools

The successful reduction of sedentary behaviours in young people is pertinent for the prevention of diseases. These studies add to the limited evidence base on the efficacy of sit-to-stand desks on objectively measured sitting time.

Press Release  |  Research in Wellness

Providence takes active approach to learning

Pilot program designed to help the schools test sit-stand concept

Two schools in Providence, Rhode Island school have launched a pilot program to provide Ergotron’s LearnFit™ Adjustable Standing Desks to their students at 360 High School and West Broadway Middle School. Ergotron, a subsidiary of Providence–based Nortek Inc., donated and assembled the LearnFit desks.

Feature Video  |  ABC6 News Article

WorkFit-T: The Ultra Easy Stand Up Desk Solution

Quickly transform your tabletop into a healthy sit-stand workstation

Invigorate your workday! Simply place the WorkFit-T on an open surface and you’ll be ready to work in a more healthy and comfortable way.
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Stand Up for Active Classrooms

Spotlight Classrooms: Case studies with video interviews on utilizing stand up desks for students

These case studies describe the positive role standing and movement can have in modern education, helping address the physical and cognitive challenges experienced by students in what is usually a sedentary environment: the classroom.
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LearnFit Awarded Best of Show at ISTE 2015

Tech & Learning’s ISTE 2015 Best of Show Awards recognize technologies that could have the most impact in the classroom.

Recognized for its innovative adjustable solution for bringing healthier movement into the classroom to aid students physical and academic performance, Ergotron’s LearnFit Standing Desk for Students has won a Best of Show Award at ISTE 2015.
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Charge. Sync. Secure.

Ergotron charging carts and storage cabinets allow you to sync, charge, secure and protect a wide variety of most tablet, Chromebook™, MacBook® and laptop devices

Our Tablet Management solutions can charge up to 48 devices simultaneously. Our AC-Charging products feature PowerShuttle® Technology that distributes power to optimize device charge-time while safely preventing circuit overload.
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Making the Grade with Movement

Why Classroom Movement Gets an A+

Traditional sitting desks hinder students both physically and mentally. Activity and motion are key components to learning, as showcased in Ergotron’s recent infographic.  read more ►
Infographic  |  Standing Desk Products

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In the News

Watch this NBC News’ TODAY Show feature story on why schools are adding standing desks to the classroom.

ABC 6 News visits two schools in Providence who have made the leap to standing desks.

USA TODAY features Belle Terre School and Ergotron’s role in getting schoolchildren up and moving.

FOX News features the LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk and how it inspires healthy habits for students.

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Just Launched



Ergotron is proud to unveil the new WorkFit-TL, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation. Like the smaller WorkFit-T, this premium standing desk solution quickly converts a tabletop into a healthy sit-stand workstation. The WorkFit-TL, distinguished by its wider worksurface, larger keyboard tray and greater weight capacity, comes in black or white.

StyleView SV10-1100

StyleView Carts, SV10

Two brands, better together: Introducing our newest StyleView® carts with Anthro “DNA”: the StyleView SV10 Carts. These point-of-need carts for laptops, tablets and Microsoft® Surface™ devices feature our patented lift engine. Easily adjust the platform and screen to exactly the right height for whatever task is at hand.

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